BDAY SESH 2014 / Master Debladers #6

The Longview dudes share a birthday. Which is kind of weird, but I like it. Beastmaster and Cam Dawg came out and got some clips with Jon’s fancy new camera, and I abused the slow motion. Also, we got a quick podcast session in, in honor of Cam Dawg getting back from Antarctica. CONSUME MEDIA BELOW

Dustin Jamieson Edit

The bulk of footage I had on my computer was of Dustin. Dast gave me a bunch of stuff that was also mostly Dustin. Ivan sent me some footage to help round it out. Dustin sent me some stuff too- clips from Jon X and Billy.
I made the mistake of starting something and then having to finish it.

Master Debladers #4 – 02/12/2014

Master Debladers #3 02/10/2014

Master Debladers #2 02/04/2014

Solo cast #1. Master Debladers #2. Solo Xmas cast coming soon.

AAA Vibes

Dast, Ivan and I were on a mission to check out a new spot in SE, and almost immediately upon arrival a good samaritan showed up, and reminded us we were not allowed to skateboard there. Slightly bummed, we pushed on to the next spot, a sweet bank to street spot a few blocks away. At one point a tow truck pulled up, I looked at Ivan and said “Get this”, as I proceeded to 180 off the bank. Usually when I say shit like that I make the cut for a fails compilation video, but this time, something amazing happened. Props to you, random Triple A driver, for making my month. Big ups to Ivan for the edit, and Dast for the beer-earning Stale.

End of days 2013

With end of 2013 drawing nigh, the time was right to once again attend the largest gathering of rollerbladers (with gifts) in the pacific northwest, XMAS BLADE COMP 6. Thanks to everyone who came out, it’s always a great time. Big ups to Jon Xmas for organizing. I’m never filming at D-block again… until next year.

Friday the 13th

Billy “Beastmaster” Anderson of bl8ordieblog fame recently relocated to Portland. Anxious to blade, and in the possession of a generator and lights, he hit me up to see if I wanted to night-skate, on the day you’re most likely to get knifed by a hockey mask-wearing degenerate. I agreed, assuming Billy really was the master of all beasts, and that such mastery could come in handy if said degenerate decided to strike. With Ivan and Jimmy in-tow, we headed to the legendary Holiday Center to do some slashing of our own.


BEN SCHWAB: Previously Portland Q&A


Q: After visiting Portland many times, what was the main reason for making the move here?

A: I had some people there that I was really close with and wanted a break from LA for a bit/ change of pace.

Where are you currently living, and hows the skating there?

I’m currently living in Los Angeles again. The blading here has always been great; the spots, weather and the people. I have Been blading a lot with Lonnie g., victor Galicia And obi Dobie here in L.A and working on xsjado stuff.


Master Debladers #1 12/13/2013

DJ Hammers and Xmas give their best shot at a rollerblading podcast. Next time I’ll use a microphone and hopefully eliminate Xmas’ echo…