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Dustin Jamieson Edit

The bulk of footage I had on my computer was of Dustin. Dast gave me a bunch of stuff that was also mostly Dustin. Ivan sent me some footage to help round it out. Dustin sent me some stuff too- clips from Jon X and Billy.
I made the mistake of starting something and then having to finish it.

The winter of our diss-content

Damn, this website was dealt a bad hand. In the beginning, it caused some weird drama (that was, like this site itself, pointless).. then it lacked content to a totally predictable degree. Then, at some point, it got hacked/attacked/maybe-it-just-broke, but by that point, no one really cared.

TIME MACHINE INTO THE NOW: all it took to get back up and running was a long search for login credentials, and a few clicks. The boulder was rolled away and the shroud of.. nevermind </biblejoke>.
There is a sliver of hope that this site could become something more than just a handful of old edits. STAY TUNED AND CHECK BACK ALL THE TIME.

(peace to Steinbeck)