BEN SCHWAB: Previously Portland Q&A


Q: After visiting Portland many times, what was the main reason for making the move here?

A: I had some people there that I was really close with and wanted a break from LA for a bit/ change of pace.

Where are you currently living, and hows the skating there?

I’m currently living in Los Angeles again. The blading here has always been great; the spots, weather and the people. I have Been blading a lot with Lonnie g., victor Galicia And obi Dobie here in L.A and working on xsjado stuff.

What were your favorite, and least favorite things about living in PDX?

Favorite: All my good friends; the kuhns, Zahra, Magaziner, Lauren Whitebread.

Least favorite: its rainy and grey most of the time.


Any spots here that you miss?

Porque non, Marsees bakery, and the bins (goodwill)

Which Chipotle location gave the most generous portions?

I only ever went to the one near your guys house.

In addition to SouljaBoy TellEm, what unexpected musicians get you hyped?

Mostly playing with my friends and my band; also cass mccombs, Kurt vile, Jon Brion, tame impala and Neil young to name a few.


You’re playing Geoff Phillip in a game of skate: what do you do to get a letter on him, and what trick are you hoping he doesn’t do.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to get a letter on him; I’m hoping mainly that he doesn’t do any impossible budgets or switch ups I can’t do.

Whats your current skate setup, and what SouljaBoy TellEm song best describes them?

The avant iii’s all blue and white. Maybe That one soulja boy song “thirty thousand hundred million, all my ———- go crazy in this ——-building”.

What skate from the past would you love to find in your size, brand new, at goodwill?

Salomon st 9′s size 9′s

Where should folks go to stay up to date on your music? or my ben schwab music on Facebook. Or on I tunes.

What can we look forward to from you, skating and/or music wise?

I’m working on a lot of new stuff with xsjado for 2014. I will have a new skate coming out and new video parts etc

Music: will be releasing a new record -EP- with my band “golden daze” here in L.A sometime in the new year.

In conclusion, please make up a question, and then answer it for us.

How do you 360 soul a rail?
I’m not sure

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