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AAA Vibes

Dast, Ivan and I were on a mission to check out a new spot in SE, and almost immediately upon arrival a good samaritan showed up, and reminded us we were not allowed to skateboard there. Slightly bummed, we pushed on to the next spot, a sweet bank to street spot a few blocks away. At one point a tow truck pulled up, I looked at Ivan and said “Get this”, as I proceeded to 180 off the bank. Usually when I say shit like that I make the cut for a fails compilation video, but this time, something amazing happened. Props to you, random Triple A driver, for making my month. Big ups to Ivan for the edit, and Dast for the beer-earning Stale.

ESBL 2011 Street Sessions

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Throwback: Walk On The Wild Side edit

Found this sitting on a hard drive. Filmed over a weekend by Dave Barnes in the Portland area circa 2004. Rollerbladers are Ross Kuhn, Mick Ollison, Adam Green, Dast, Andrew Pham, and I think Micheal Warner is in the Adidas ledges section. Can’t tell.


ESBL Edits 2010 – July 2011

Here’s all the ESBL crew’s edits from the past year and half. Putting in some work!

Chris Bray & Ricky Serret vs. A-box;
YouTube Preview ImageESBL park skating;
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ESBL January 2011;
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Dast vs. Chris Bray 2010
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