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BDAY SESH 2014 / Master Debladers #6

The Longview dudes share a birthday. Which is kind of weird, but I like it. Beastmaster and Cam Dawg came out and got some clips with Jon’s fancy new camera, and I abused the slow motion. Also, we got a quick podcast session in, in honor of Cam Dawg getting back from Antarctica. CONSUME MEDIA BELOW

Master Debladers #4 – 02/12/2014

Master Debladers #3 02/10/2014

Master Debladers #2 02/04/2014

Solo cast #1. Master Debladers #2. Solo Xmas cast coming soon.

Master Debladers #1 12/13/2013

DJ Hammers and Xmas give their best shot at a rollerblading podcast. Next time I’ll use a microphone and hopefully eliminate Xmas’ echo…