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A couple new Portland related edits.

First up we have Li’l Geoff Phillip, who many remember from his stint living out in the westside burbs, is back from injury and getting his skate on.  Fresh after murdering the mile high battle, we get the Scumpire ‘Confessions of a Tin Man.. Geoff Phillip’ profile. Fuck yeah li’l Geoff!

Next up our neighbors up north Seattle Skaters have dropped a new edit with clips of Dustin Jamieson, Aaron Feinberg, and of course a whole host of the kids on the scene up there. This edit is quality.


Portlandia Skate-A-Thon edit

Aaron Fienberg & Jeremy Townsend chose the perfect day to throw this little local comp. Beautiful weather, no major busts or transportation snafu’s, and definitely a good time.  Jon Mathis took the top spot but being that he hadn’t paid to enter, Andrew Nail took home the cash prize. Dustin Jamieson rounded out the top three and took home a li’l somethin’ somethin’ after skating on his new leg made from adamantium.

Edit by Anthony Rowe