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Adam Johnson’s ‘The 20 Project’

Adam Johnson is the hardest working filmmaker in rollerblading. Hands down. Constantly traveling the country with a van full of bladers filming the best deals at the most unique spots. Recently that van rolled through Portland carrying the likes of Chris Farmer, Micheal Garlinghouse, B. Free, Adam Exline, and KC Roche to hit some skatespots & strip clubs.

B.Free laying down lines at holiday center.

During their stay, bones were broke, love was found, and most importantly, deals were had. AJ has been keeping the kickstarter page updated and has posted a couple edits already, both featuring some spots in the Portland area from their trip.

Ross Kuhn with a launch to fish on a Portland ledge

Kickstarter doesn’t seem to allow embedding so make sure you hit the links and check them out.

Update #1; Summer Promo

Update #3; Got bored…