Portlandia Skate-A-Thon edit

Aaron Fienberg & Jeremy Townsend chose the perfect day to throw this little local comp. Beautiful weather, no major busts or transportation snafu’s, and definitely a good time.  Jon Mathis took the top spot but being that he hadn’t paid to enter, Andrew Nail took home the cash prize. Dustin Jamieson rounded out the top three and took home a li’l somethin’ somethin’ after skating on his new leg made from adamantium.

Edit by Anthony Rowe

Humble Beings

Casey Bagozzi & Steve Kerr put this together circa 2006. A whole lot of good bladers in this flick, including sections on Oregon natives Sapata Fofana-Dura and Ross Kuhn. I actually rolled down to Sacramento for a week with Ross & Sapata and helped film for this video. There was some sort of ASA event(I didn’t know they still existed) happening at the state fair that weekend and a whole host of rollerbladers were there and staying at the Dustin Dixon/Casey Bagozzi crib. The most memorable of the people I met were Nick Wood and Damien Wilson who found endless entertainment in letting Dustin’s dog hump their legs. Good times.

Part one;

Part two;

Brandon Negrete’s ‘Regardless’ available now!

Just look at that list of skaters. If you’re somehow too retarded to recognize the greatness of that lineup, then buy it on the strength of Ross Kuhn. This guy has been holding it down for Portland & the northwest region for his entire career, and you gotta love seeing Portland spots & skaters getting worldwide attention. Did I mention I got filming credits? Watch the trailer if you haven’t and buy this shit.

ESBL Edits 2010 – July 2011

Here’s all the ESBL crew’s edits from the past year and half. Putting in some work!

Chris Bray & Ricky Serret vs. A-box;
YouTube Preview ImageESBL park skating;
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ESBL January 2011;
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Dast vs. Chris Bray 2010
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